Puppies & Babies

Diapers and Bones… What more can you want?

Does a better combination exist? Not likely if you ask me. Growing up with a furry four-legged best friend is a fond memory many of us have, and we hope to provide the same for our own children. As true as that is, we all want to be sure that cute photo ops and snuggles galore aside, we provide a safe environment for both the doggo and baby. Let’s dive into some important considerations.

 A new puppy and a baby at the same time? It sounds so adorable, doesn’t it? They would be the best of friends growing up and experience many firsts together.

·      If this is something you are considering, remember that both of these new babies will be cutting into your sleep time! Take some time to consider the time energy available between all those who will have responsibility surrounding both baby and puppy and be sure to have a clear picture of everyone’s contributions.

  •      Puppies love to chew! That mixed with baby’s tendency to drop things could lead to some confusion and chewed baby toys. Extra favorites for both may be a great idea!

  •      Poop. You will need to patrol poop in and out and basically all around. I think we all get the idea there.

  •      Prepare your new pup with some recording of baby cries. This will help them to accept the new noise early on.

  •       Maybe most importantly, remember that puppies are babies too. They are going to be curious and may even act out for some of your attention. Close supervision will be a must.


Do you already have a furry friend in your home? Baby will be arriving soon and you are wondering how best to make those first introductions. Things you may consider…

  •    Bring something home from the birth center or hospital with baby’s scent on it.  This will help your dog be familiar with baby’s scent when they arrive home. Allow a safe distance for your pup to make those initial sniffs to take in all that baby goodness we all love!

  •    Practice taking your fur baby on regular walks with the stroller or baby carrier along. This will allow them to become familiar to the new gear and fall into routine easily when baby joins in on the fun.

  • Set boundaries! It will be important for your dog to understand that there are places that will be reserved for baby only. This will be dependent on your own wishes and household rules, but may include your nursery, play yard, baby swing, etc. Start this well in advance before baby is welcomed home.

  •    As much as we love and trust our furry guys, never leave them unattended with baby. Our new littles don’t understand eye pokes and tail tugs hurt and doggo certainly won’t understand why baby is doing it, so they may get startled and react.

 Your doggo knows a big change is coming. They can feel the excitement and energy in the house. Help them ease into the transition by starting early and having patience. This will be a new experience for everyone. But with some hard work and lots of love, it can be a picture perfect match and beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Source: As seen originally on texassurro.com