Partner Support During Birth

How can I help get my partner ready for the birth of our baby? What can he do during the birth to support me?


So together with your partner you will be welcoming your baby home soon! What an exciting time for you both! Unfortunately, as exciting as your birth is going to be, it doesn’t always mean your partner feels ready or confident going into it. This is going to be a day you both will remember for the rest of your lives. So let’s talk about some ways that might help them to better support you during this big day.


Preparing for what birth actually is! It sounds so simple right, but you might be amazed to hear about how many people don’t know basic terminology they may encounter during the pregnancy and birth. Not to mention what variety of procedures you may be offered and in which instances they may be appropriate and when you might say “no thank you”. A quality childbirth education class will help to prepare you both with all the mental tools you need, and by doing this class together you will KNOW what they know right? : )



You have the information in hand now. You have taken your childbirth education course and feel prepared. But how can you ensure your partner will step in to the support role while you are in labor? Communicate…. I know it seems simple, but you would be amazed by how little open and clear communication happens in birth preparation for some. By being clear about your birth vision, and how your partner can help to support that, you will set you both up for an amazing birth experience to be shared together. Are there specific physical comfort measures you learned in your childbirth education course? Practice those at home together. Let them physically provide that comfort while you give feedback as to what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. While this could definitely change when you are actually in labor, it is a great place to start!  


Have them help set the environment of the birthing space. Share with them how you would like to lights. What music do you want to birth to? Can they locate it without instruction? Do they know what favorite pillow you need brought from home? Or the perfect snack for after you have given birth? See where I am going here? The opportunity to support you is absolutely endless. With some forethought, preparation and communication, you both will me on the road to a beautiful birthday for your little one.


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