Gay Dads and Breastmilk!

All families worry about how to best feed their brand-new baby!  But as a same sex couple made up of two dads, how to get breastmilk for your baby may be a big concern. While formula is a great option for many families, breastmilk is absolutely available to you!



Many hospitals are able to offer donated breastmilk to families that are unable to breastfeed. The milk and those who have donated it have gone through extensive screening to ensure there is no harmful bacteria present in the milk, or illnesses in the woman that could be passed through the breast milk.  


There are also milk banks outside of the hospital setting that are available to families in search of breastmilk. The cost is a bit more prohibitive, ranging from $3-$5 an ounce. While expensive, this helps cover some of the costs associated with the screening of the donors and the processing of the milk, as most milk banks are non-profit. 


While breastmilk is a wonderful option and holds many benefits, it may not be an option or desire of yours. Formula fed babies are healthy too! There are so many options on the market, you are very likely to find one that suits your baby well. No matter how you chose to feed your new baby, we are here to support you during your journey!


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