Kim and Kanye Welcome Son!

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Kim and Kanye have welcomed their fourth child! We are beyond thrilled for them. Kourtney Kardashian broke the news that the couples surrogate was in labor, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when she stopped by during mom Kris Jenner’s appearance.



Now the reality is that like them or hate them, this power couple has been blessed with the technology that is surrogacy and we are here for it! Safely growing your family, yes please! Kim was able to carry her two older children Saint, 3 and North, 5 herself, but after pregnancy complications her doctors recommended she not become pregnant again. So, both Chicago, 1 and sweet baby Psalm (Yes, Psalm! How stinking precious is that?) were carried by a surrogate. While the couple has maintained their privacy surrounding both pregnancies, they have been very open with how they have continued to grow their family. We are so grateful for the positive light they have shown on the surrogacy community!


The beautiful family is taking some well-deserved time to soak up all that baby yumminess Psalm has to offer. As this blog was written, no pictures of the sweet boy yet! But we have our eyes peeled along with the rest of the nation. Will it be dads charming smile, with mom’s beautiful eyes? Ekk… can’t wait to find out!


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Dearest Doula, How do I decide on my birthing location?

Dear Undecided,

Welcoming your baby into the world is literally the most amazing thing you will ever do in life! Not to say you won’t do some awesome things… but really, giving birth to your baby is going to top that list! So it comes as no surprise that we often have a hard time selecting our birthing location. Often we are playing a balance of both physical comfort and well as safety. Here are a few key considerations to have in mind..

Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp

  • Hospital births can be attended by both OB’s and Midwives. In fact if you know you would like to have an OB attend your birth, the hospital setting is going to usually be your only option. But have you seen how far the birthing rooms have come in recent years? Depending on your hospital selection, you may find deep tubs you are able to labor in, birthing and peanut balls you are able to utilize, squat bars, and beds that can support the body in a number of ways! Some even offer wireless and intermittent monitoring. So do some research on your local options and prepare to be amazed! With that being said, hospitals do have policies in place that can be bothersome to some birthing women. This may include, standard IV’s, continuous monitoring, arbitrary timelines and routine cervical checks. So be sure to speak to your provider in depth and consider a guided hospital tour of the labor floor. This is a great way to gage their approach to birth.

  • Birth Centers offer a beautiful middle ground, they offer the tools mentioned above and much more. If you know a hospital is too clinical for you, but aren’t comfortable with the idea of a home birth, this may be the perfect solution for you! Birth Centers are staffed primarily by Certified Nurse Midwives and occasionally Certified Professional Midwives. The care for pregnancies and births that remain low risk. Often you will find beautiful birthing rooms that are designed to mimic the comforts of your own home, or a tranquil spa. I’ve seen both and let me tell you, I AM HERE FOR IT! Birthing in what feels like five star accommodations is pretty magical, we are all goddesses after all (Yep, I said it! You are in fact a goddess!) These centers have many safety features you would find in a hospital, and the ability to transfer you quickly should your needs exceed their ability. While this doesn’t happen often, it’s good to know what hospital you would be transferred to if this was the case. Your midwives will have the supplies and skills needed to handle any complications that may arise, while you await transfer and often accompany you to the hospital as support.

  • Home Birth… If you are someone who does best in their own environment, this could be the option for you. Most often attended by a Certified Professional Midwife, home births are such an intimate way to welcome your baby earthside. You are able to labor in peace without the interupption of driving to your birthing location. You will need to maintain a low risk pregnancy for this to be an option for you. But do know, that in the event of an emergency an ambulance will likely be used to transfer you to the hospital. Often people chose to labor in their own large tub, or purchase a birthing pool for the birth. In addition to hydrotherapy, you are able to ready your home with any other tools you may wish to have. But maybe most importantly you can set your space exactly as you wish. Add birthing affirmations to your walls, light ALL THE CANDLES, shoot.. play Beatles music! It’s your birth, DO YOU! You will have months to prepare your birthing nest. How special is that?

Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp

Options are great y’all, but I know they can be overwhelming if we allow them to be. Take some time to consider whats most important to you. Once you have done that, tour a few locations before making the leap and please know, if your still pregnant, you STILL HAVE TIME. If you aren’t happy with your current location, do some leg work and fix it. You deserve to have an amazing birth!

Pregnancy and Fitness

Whoop! Pregnant!

Yes! You are expecting an addition to your family, or maybe you are expecting your FIRST baby! So much excitement and I share that with you <3 Now the reality of providing the nourishment you need for a healthy pregnancy for both baby and yourself is setting in. No need to stress! I offer the perfect class to help you meet both your nutritional needs and physical needs to support your healthy pregnancy.

Birth Boot Camp Food &amp; Fitness

Birth Boot Camp Food & Fitness

In my Birth Boot Camp Food & Fitness course we cover everything from how to best avoid nausea and heartburn, best nutritional sources by category, to exercises for pregnancy to help improve you overall pregnancy health and birth experience.

This 3 hour workshop is done in the privacy of your own home, with one on one instruction. And includes your chow chart and fitness guide. Are you ready to commit to your healthy and fit pregnancy? Connect with us today to schedule your private class, or grab a pregnant buddy and take the class together! We look forward to hearing from you.

I'm expecting a baby through surrogacy, should I hire a doula?

I’m an intended parent and will be meeting my baby soon! Should I get a doula? Aren’t they just for the birthing person?


Yay! Congratulations on your journey into parenthood! I love that you are looking into adding a doula to your birth team. To answer your question, doulas do so much more than simply supporting the birthing person, in this case a gestational surrogate. If fact, did you know there are doulas who specialize in the surrogacy dynamic? It’s true! These specialized doulas have the experience and training to help both you the intended parent(s) and your surrogate.



During the pregnancy you, your gestational carrier and your doula will closely work together to help create a birth vision that meets everyone’s desires and needs. She will introduce a number of sensitive and important topics that sometimes are hard to bring up, or simply haven’t been thought of by either party.


Some of these may include:

·      Who will be in the birth room?

·      If a cesarean birth is needed, how does this plan change? Will the surrogates support person be in the room, or an IP, if only one person is allowed in the OR?

·      For those in the birthing room, where will they stand? Will the parents like to watch as their baby is born, or are they and the surrogate more comfortable with them staying by the head of the bed?

·      Who will cut the cord? If delayed cord clamping is desired, where would the parent like their baby to be during this time? In the arms of the midwife or OB?

·      Does the intended parent want to do immediate skin to skin? If so, are you comfortable with your baby being handed to you while still covered in vernix and fluids? Or do you want baby to be cleaned up first?

·      Will you be doing skin to skin in the delivery room or will you want your own space right away?

·      Does the birthing location have the ability to give the parents their own room with baby? If not, what is the plan for the 24-28hrs baby will be in the hospital?

·      How will baby be fed? Will the surrogate be pumping to provide milk? If so, parents will you be using formula or purchasing milk from the hospital until the surrogates supply is established?


This list is extensive and is only the beginning! This is just a short example of topics to be dug into.


Together as a team you will also go over the role of the doula during the birth. This is when your doulas specialty is really going to shine! She is there for both you the intended parents as well as the birthing person. And as each person’s needs are going to change throughout, so will her role. Initially she will be providing labor support to the surrogate often before you have arrived to join the birth. This may be together with the birthing people’s partner if they have one, or one on one. Once you have joined the birth she will continue to focus on the birthing person, while being able to help offer emotional support to the intended parents. She will continue to be your guide throughout the labor and birth. This may include answering questions you have about procedures that may be brought up (plain language, not medical terms), reminding you of the knowledge you have in your tool bag to be able to make informed decisions. And maybe most beautifully, she will be able to help ensure everyone’s needs can be met, without missing out on the birthing experience. This can include, helping to facilitate phone calls, playing bouncer at the delivery room door (yes this is totally a thing!) and getting food and drinks to keep everyone fueled! She is there for it all!


Once baby has arrived, your doula will either stay with your gestational carrier or accompany you to your room with baby for 1-2hrs. It is important to know beforehand where everyone has agreed she will be best utilized. You may even consider having her split her time such as, the first hour with the surrogate while the parents have their golden hour of skin to skin, and then the second hour with the parents to help with feeding and newborn procedure questions.


After everyone has returned home from the birthing location, doulas can still offer an amazing amount of support to the new family and gestational surrogate in their individual homes. This includes:

·      Cooking meals to nurture the new family or healing surrogate.

·      Helping new parents to become comfortable in their new routine.

·      Assisting in nighttime feedings while the new parents get in some much-deserved sleep.

·      Doing light housekeeping to keep the house in working order. Who knew so much laundry was possible!

·      Run errands and pick up groceries while everyone adjusts and heals.


As you can see, there is no shortage of ways a doula can help you during your journey. They are there to help guide you, but more importantly they are there to enrich your experience. Together with the rest of your birth team, your doula will help welcome your sweet baby into your waiting arms.


Texas Birth and Baby would love to talk to you about how we can support you on your journey.

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Gay Dads and Breastmilk!

All families worry about how to best feed their brand-new baby!  But as a same sex couple made up of two dads, how to get breastmilk for your baby may be a big concern. While formula is a great option for many families, breastmilk is absolutely available to you!



Many hospitals are able to offer donated breastmilk to families that are unable to breastfeed. The milk and those who have donated it have gone through extensive screening to ensure there is no harmful bacteria present in the milk, or illnesses in the woman that could be passed through the breast milk.  


There are also milk banks outside of the hospital setting that are available to families in search of breastmilk. The cost is a bit more prohibitive, ranging from $3-$5 an ounce. While expensive, this helps cover some of the costs associated with the screening of the donors and the processing of the milk, as most milk banks are non-profit. 


While breastmilk is a wonderful option and holds many benefits, it may not be an option or desire of yours. Formula fed babies are healthy too! There are so many options on the market, you are very likely to find one that suits your baby well. No matter how you chose to feed your new baby, we are here to support you during your journey!


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Partner Support During Birth

How can I help get my partner ready for the birth of our baby? What can he do during the birth to support me?


So together with your partner you will be welcoming your baby home soon! What an exciting time for you both! Unfortunately, as exciting as your birth is going to be, it doesn’t always mean your partner feels ready or confident going into it. This is going to be a day you both will remember for the rest of your lives. So let’s talk about some ways that might help them to better support you during this big day.


Preparing for what birth actually is! It sounds so simple right, but you might be amazed to hear about how many people don’t know basic terminology they may encounter during the pregnancy and birth. Not to mention what variety of procedures you may be offered and in which instances they may be appropriate and when you might say “no thank you”. A quality childbirth education class will help to prepare you both with all the mental tools you need, and by doing this class together you will KNOW what they know right? : )



You have the information in hand now. You have taken your childbirth education course and feel prepared. But how can you ensure your partner will step in to the support role while you are in labor? Communicate…. I know it seems simple, but you would be amazed by how little open and clear communication happens in birth preparation for some. By being clear about your birth vision, and how your partner can help to support that, you will set you both up for an amazing birth experience to be shared together. Are there specific physical comfort measures you learned in your childbirth education course? Practice those at home together. Let them physically provide that comfort while you give feedback as to what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. While this could definitely change when you are actually in labor, it is a great place to start!  


Have them help set the environment of the birthing space. Share with them how you would like to lights. What music do you want to birth to? Can they locate it without instruction? Do they know what favorite pillow you need brought from home? Or the perfect snack for after you have given birth? See where I am going here? The opportunity to support you is absolutely endless. With some forethought, preparation and communication, you both will me on the road to a beautiful birthday for your little one.


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